New SEO tool

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I stumbled upon this site called SEO Design Solutions where outsource link building is possible. They also offer a tool for Link Building export, making it easier for you to track your links. Online businesses would greatly benefit from this site since SEO marketing is one of its main tool for gathering sales. Bloggers can also use this since heavy blog traffic is any blogger’s dream.

Baby powder is not for babies

I love baby powder. I love placing it on my body after I take a bath because I feel cooler and more refreshed. Which is why I was surprised to find out that baby powder is not good for babies.

The reason for this was that talc, the main ingredient of baby powder, is said to be dangerous when inhaled and can cause a range of ailments from cancer to asthma. I find this particularly reason quite unbelievable. However, with so much articles over this issue like here, here and here, I decided to put off placing baby powder on Labyu.

Maybe when she gets older, I can then use it on her but for now, on fear that there is a chance she might suffocate from inhaling it, I’ll put it off. The alternative was cornstarch powder (note that it is still in powder form and can still get inhaled by babies easily) as recommended by pediatricians and other moms.

I still prefere to use the petroleum jelly for any rash or bite on Labyu. So far, it works on her skin and smells like powder because some jelly has powderfresh scent.

Random post

 It has been humid the whole day and now, it finally rains. My work is done and I have this small window of opportunity to simply write.

Surprisingly, I realized that without the blackouts, I was able to do more work efficiently. This is great becuase it gives me time to play with Labyu. However, I noticed that her personality is now starting to show. She knows when to cry when she want to simply be held by me and she screams for anyone to carry her when she’s tired of simply sitting on her stroller.

I can’t believe that she’s becoming such a baby.

Anyhow, I know I’m supposed to feel okay that she hasn’t learned how to roll over on her own tummy but I’m worried. She does know how to pose for a picture though. Just don’t use the flash.

Word of caution:

I gave her vitamins today and then I gave her watermelon to suck. Unknowingly, she got to eat some of the watermelon’s slush. This led to a lot of vomit. It was gross. Note to self: No food except water after vitamins.

I think that’s the highlight of my day. I want to write something profound or unique but other than gushing on how much I love being with my daughter, I got nothing.

So this is just one of those random posts…goodnight, world!

Maternal Bond

It is often known to be the tie that binds a mother and her child. It is something innate. It doesn’t matter if you have a child through adoption or in other means. When the child recognizes you to be the mother, the bond begins. It is often strengthened with love, care and even through breastfeeding.

Heaven and I have this bond. It is wonderful and yet sometimes overwhelming. Maybe a tad bit annoying sometimes. Because when I need time to work and I already placed her in bed, she wakes up knowing I am not around. This happens a lot so I keep on lying beside her then after a bit, sneaking out to be at my computer and then go back to her again when she cries. It is giving me headaches.

I love my baby more than life itself but there are times when I wish she could sleep through the night, even if I’m not beside her.

Since she is almost always awake when I am awake, she keeps sleeping late, too. Her normal sleeping time is now at 12mn to 2am. This is making her chinky eyes smaller. Hehehehe…


My First Win!!!

I have never won anything in my life but that’s all changed now. Last Thursday, I tried my hand with this scratch and win ticket from Lotto called the Golden Genie. It cost me 20 pesos to buy the ticket. While I was scratching it I knew I would win. I felt it. I know I won’t win like a hundred thousand pesos. So I scratched and won 20 pesos! It was a wonderful feeling. I kept the coin I used to scratch it and the 20 pesos I won.

Unfortunately, the Lotto girl asked for the ticket back so I took a picture of it. I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

Could she be the One?

For the past few days, I have been desperately praying for God to send me a housemaid slash babysitter to help me around here at the house and today, my stepmom finally brought Shirley. She’s 17 years old and seems to be a capable young woman. Labyu liked her and I also liked her instantly. I am still wary because she’s new but I am hopeful that she will be the one. The one whom I can trust my baby with, the one who can b with Labyu as she she grows up.

I know it is a long shot but I’m desperate.

Still, I am super thankful because I look forward to better work hours and more quality time with Labyu.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my plea.

Life on hold


This is not exactly true. But for now, at this moment, this instant, I;m giving in to just write what comes to mind before i start working again.

Lord, give me strength. no, give me TIME. and ENERGY.

fulltime mommyhood is not as easy as it sounds.


Friends and friends

I used to think that making friends is easy but I realized that sometimes it was and sometimes it’s not. Keeping friends you made is even harder. Today, as I was giving in to my FB time, I realized how much I truly missed my friends. Staying at home all the time with only the TV, the PC and reading stuff as other companions besides my parents and my baby, I am existing in this coconut island which I made for myself. The only light in my coconut world is the internet. This is where I can somehow connect with the rest of the rest.

If only I do have the luxury of time to work and then find the time to relax then maybe I would be writing of more sunnier things. Sigh, I miss my friends. To be honest, the only time I get to be in touch with them is also only through the internet. I hardly use my cellphone. Yes, I am that busy.

Unfortunately, not all of them have blogs or FB accounts.

I just miss going out, having coffee with them, chitchatting and all the silly things we would do. Shopping, malling, watch a movie, videoke and others. I miss going to the beach with them and simply bask under the sun. I miss hearing their laughter, their stories of woe, wild and wonderful.

To my dear friends, if you do get to read this and I hope that you would, know that although we hardly ever chat online or send each other sms or hear each others’ voice over the phone, I’m still here and I miss you a lot.