Watch Movies but Avoid these films

Sigh, it has been quite a while since I got to blog about movies I recently watched. I have been swamped with so much stuff lately. Finally, here is an update but I have to say that I’m focusing on the movies I think you should not bother to watch because they are quite awful:

  • The Ugly Truth and The Bounty HunterGerard Butler should really just stick to action films. I liked him in 300. I even liked him in Gamer, Butterfly on a Wheel and Phantom of the Opera. Oh,in P. S. I love you too. But the two attempts in romantic comedy? He failed. He should stick to action, thriller, suspense or drama.
  •  Date Night-You would expect that a mash-up of The Office and 30 Rock stars would make the movie hilarious. Sad to say, two excellent comedians in one movie is too much. They both suddenly became ordinary.
  • Repo Men-total rip-off.
  • Green Zone-Sometimes, it seems that once you’ve seen a war movie in Afghanistan, you have seen them all. I slept through the Hurt Locker. I didn’t even bother to watch this halfway.
  • Daybreakers-another lame vampire film. I only watched it because of Ethan Hawke.
  • Legion-I thought it would be apocalyptic. I would rather watch reruns of Supernatural.
  • Invictus-The story was boring. If you think there was any action on the field, guess again. It was all talk no play.

So instead of buying dvds, I’m going to just watch movies online for free. Just recently I watched Got2Believe (which was good!) and I am now waiting for Leap Year to upload. At least if I do like the movie, I’ll buy a copy of it then. i found this new site for doing just that. There is a small fee to download the movies you want but the quality of the films is worth it.

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