Toys for Babes and Tots

My mom just loves sending me toys and books for Labyu. We also received a lot of toys from relatives. However, I noticed that some of them are either too bulky or heavy for her to play with at 5 months. So I did some research and found out the appropriate toys for babies and toddlers:



Birth to 9 months: mobiles, busy boxes, rattles, pop-up toys, chunky board, cloth books, and chew toys


9 to 18 months: plastic toys or tools, play food, push and pull toys, balls, shape sorters, and animal toys


18 to 36 months: play dough, finger paints, action figures, dolls, and stuffed toys


Although the books will not be in use until Labyu learns how to read but the pictures are great so she can learn colors and more. I also enjoy reading the books to her. 🙂


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