Baby Diaper Poll


When Labyu was born and I took her home, the disposable diaper I used was EQ. Unfortunately, I noticed that she began to have diaper rash. I switched to Huggies and the rash went away. I also placed petroleum jelly on the rash to help speed up the process of recovery.

From that day on, I was cautious on what brand of diaper to use. I tried Pampers but it gets easily torn. My pediatrician recommended Mamy Poko but it was quite expensive.

I soon realized that Huggies was also quite pricey so I looked for other brands. I then tried Prokids which is relatively cheaper than Huggies. I crossed my fingers and hoped Labyu will be okay with the new diaper. To my delight, she was!

To all mothers out there, which baby diaper would you recommend the most?



  1. please use Drapolene cream for diaper rush and any slight skin burn. Its much cooler compare to petroleum jelly. Im using currently Pampers active baby, my baby never had a serious diaper rush.


  2. ImUsing huggies for kyle. It’s quite expensive but you can trust naman the quality. You wont regret using it. Minsan kasi mas mapapamahal ka pa sa gastos pag nagkarashes si baby. Aside from that, nakkaawa sila pag umiyak dahil makati worst is pag masakit.


  3. hi te jing, ok ang prokids, yan ang diaper ni liam sa polymedic dati nung newborn pa lang sya..yan ata ang recommended diaper nila dun eh..ang huggies expensive tlga as well as ung mamy poko din..ung pampers ok lang ang price but nung tinry nmin yep madali sya mag-torn away..and plastic ata sya so mainit sa pwet..mas ok n prokids..but kmi kasi ngayon sa diaper depot kami bumibili..imported diapers sya mas mura..i think meron dn cguro dyan mga diaper depots mas cheaper ang price and hndi nman nagkakarashes.. 🙂


  4. hi meredith!im not a mom yet wish i could as early…biological clock might strike 🙂 by the way, you can try calmoseptine oinment..its for diaper rashes in fact this also for works can buy it any costs around php 40.00 its in a sachet form 🙂


  5. @ Kathlyn-thanks for the reco on the cream. I will try it too.
    @ Badet- I agree with you on the price. sometimes, it’s okay to just close your eyes to it. what’s important is that your baby won’t be uncomfortable.
    @ echik- sigh, we have no diaper depot here. so sad.
    @ frances- ah yes. i tried that before and my baby did not like it. She had peeling on the areas I placed the ointment. 😦


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