Baby Wardrobe


Now that Labyu is here, one of the perks of having a baby girl is dressing her up. Some can overdo this. I nearly did. You have to really control that urge to buy every little cute thing you see for your baby. Here as some essential baby clothes you should have:

  • Tie-sides– these are great for newborns. This is because half the time you’re scared you might break some of your baby’s bones while changing. This comes in handy because you basically just roll your baby from side to side to let your baby wear it.
  • Onesies– those one-piece clothing that has snap-ons at the bottom so you can change diapers without exposing the tummy. It has other variations like the romper which has shorts for the bottom and overalls which is good for cold nights.
  • Mittens– these cute hand covers are good from 0 to 2 months. Eventually, you have to stop using them onyour baby. So avoid making my mistake of having tons of them.
  • Socks– you need them, to warm your baby’s feet.
  • Booties– just like mittens, they lose their purpose when your baby turns 2 months old or so.
  • Panties or briefs– must haves, especially if you just want your baby to take a break from wearing disposable diapers.
  • Sleeveless shirts– a.k.a. “sando” are a staple especially with our warm climate

Sizes of the baby clothes matter so when you do go shopping, make sure you get those that are about one or two sizes bigger. This would make those items useable when your baby grows.


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