What an Hair-ful!

Have you noticed that when it’s summer time, lots of people sport a shorter haircut? It’s obvious that the reason for this is the uber warm weather. But for some people like me, I have another reason why I’m seriously thinking of doing away with my long tresses.

It’s a known fact that everyday, we shed about 100 or so hairs. Yes, this is the reason why there are strands on your hairbrushes and on the drainage in your bathroom. However, during summer, there is an increase on the number of falling hair. This is only for the summer season though.

As for me, I think I’m shedding about 200 hairs (or more!) and they are everywhere. I’m already annoyed on trying to remove them from the bed, on my daughter, anywhere!

So come this summer, I am so cutting my hair for a short bob. Hopefully just in time for my daughter’s baptism.

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