My Aching Back…again

Sigh, I thought that after pregnancy, my back won’t ache anymore. I was so wrong. It’s all that carrying and bending over each time I change Labyu’s diapers and everything else in between. So to help ease with the pain, here are 4 steps you can also try to help you manage your back pain. It definitely helped me.

  1. Squat when you try to lift your baby and when you carry her, keep her close to your body. This I love doing because magically, she feels lighter.
  2. When you go out, make sure that your baby bag only carries the essentials. I will be writing about what to place inside a baby bag on my next post. Do try to get a backpack instead of the usual messenger bag.
  3. Your bra size might need updating. When you were pregnant and now that you have your baby, well, there can be changes. I have noticed that my size went smaller. Sucks.
  4. When you feed your baby, place a pillow behind your back and under your arm. This I find very nice because it makes the feeding process more comfy.

So there, I hope that helps. Say buh-bye to back aches!

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