Poop Alert!

One of the downlows in motherhood is well, cleaning up poop. I have my moments when I panic because Labyu didn’t poop for a day when I read that some babies poop after feeding. This has not yet happened to me and Labyu. So to assuage my fears, I did some research and found out the different types of poop and what I should expect to see in my baby’s diaper.

At Birth-a dark, greenish, sticky, tar-like goop babies excrete within 24 to 48 hours after birth. Nearly odorless, it is called the meconium. This is waste from while your baby was still inside your uterus.

Breastfed Babies-a yellow, creamy liquid which looks like mustard mixed with cottage cheese. It smells sweet. It smells the same as when my water broke. They come in drips so if your baby poops, you have to wait for a while because sometimes another poop comes along.

Formula-Fed Babies-greenish to brownish in color and pasty texture. It looks like clay or play dough. it also has a strong iron-like smell. Because of the formula, your baby might have fewer bowel movements than breastfed babies. However, if your baby gets a fever or is unusually fussy, a change in her formula might be needed. You need to consult your pediatrician on this.

Introducing Solids-Darker, firmer and smellier poop. The consistency and color may vary. This would depend on what you feed your baby. Any change like introducing a new fruit to your baby’s diet can give loose stools. You have to give your baby time to adjust.

Well, so much on poop babies make. Just try to make your baby drink water after they feed. Just to fend off constipation. 🙂


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