Baby Milestones

Lke any new mother, I am constantly checking on Labyu’s progress on her height, weight and what she can do. It is only natural that I ask around when other babies start to have teeth, when they start to sit and other things that babies are supposed to do. So to keep me sane and not worried about it, I made a chart that has the average age of when babies can do a certain milestone and when Labyu will get to accomplish the milestone.

To all new moms, here are some milestones you can look out for and the average age your child can do them. Although for premature babies, they catch up on each milestone on their own time. As most of you know, not all babies are the same when it comes to their development. 


First smile————2 months————1 to 3 months

Head control———3 months————2 to 4 months

Rolling over———–4 months———–2 to 6 months

First tooth————-6 months———–3 to 18 months

Sitting up————–6 to 7 months——5 to 9 months

Crawling————–8 months————6 to 10 months

Pulling up to stand—9 months————8 to 12 months

Cruising—————9 to 10 months—–8 to 12 months

First words———–12 months———-9 to 14 months

Walking—————-13 months———-9 to 18 months

I hope this chart can help ease your worries because it sure made me breathe a bit easier. 🙂


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