Breastmilk? Good!

I breastfeed my baby Heaven even if I started with formula. Somehow, she likes breastmilk better than powdered milk. The downside of this is I hardly use the breast pump. It’s painful and it takes too much time.

Aside from giving nutrients to my baby, breastmilk, I discovered, is great for cuts! Heaven recently scratched her face with her fingernails. I used the milk to dab it on the wound. Three days later, the wound dried out and now it’s gone. It didn’t even leave a scar! Yay! This, I’m particularly grateful because she scratched her nose.

Another thing is that Labyu and I got the colds. I think she got it first and then passed it on me. Anyhow, this made it difficult for both of us to breathe. Then suddenly I accidentally squirted the milk on Labyu’s nose. Well, I think she got better because of that.

So, more than just food, breastmilk is also medicine! šŸ™‚

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