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I watched The Greatest and I thought it was one good movie. I liked Brosnan‘s acting and the subplots were nicely incorporated to make it a good movie.

I mentioned I watched the Vampire Diaries which was only until Elena’s car accident. I wonder what happened next.There are 4 more episodes I haven’t watched

I am now watching Fringe which is all about the paranormal and stars my Dawson’s Creek Pacey, Joshua Jackson. I’m still on episode 3 but it is definitely interesting.

The Edge of Darkness is another movie losing a child. It was okay. Nothing much remarkable about it. I do like te ending where everyone dies.

From Paris With Love which stars another actor I like, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, was a good action movie. Travolta provided dry humor which works with his character.

Percy Jackson is definitely a tween flick. I like the idea of demigods in modern times. I enjoyed watching the movie and getting a review of sorts on greek mythology.

I do have the Hurt Locker movie but I am not much of a war movie buff. Maybe I will watch it when there is nothing else to watch.


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