to take my mind off

So I have been working like nobody’s business and I decided to take a break. I deserve a break. Taking care of Labyu is not that easy. Seriously, this is why there are two parents for a child.

I wanted to watch a movie and take my mind off the mundane things I encounter on a daily basis. I went to (a movie site I previously wrote about) and found out they have contests there that you can join like a movie premiere contest, a concert contest and more. The prizes are amazing! They also offer something many dreamers want, the chance to be heard, seen or noticed. You can submit scripts, film, and music to them and they will check them out. If they like it, well, that’s a definite callback.

I am tempted to join and of course, submit my work (I write short stories) and all.Who knows, one of my stories could be chosen and made into a movie!

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