An Open letter to my Singing Neighbor

Dear Singing Neighbor,

I would like to say that your morning runs with your nasal voice is quite disturbing. Maybe you’re practicing for a competition because you kept on singing Whitney Houston, Sarah Geronimo and Celine Dion songs. If that is so, I doubt that you will win or garner a place. I bet after the first chors, the audience will boo you to get down from the stage. You might just get one of the judges to leave or throw up.

The point is, you should record your performance and listen to it. Then to spare yourself of the humiliation, don’t join the singing contest.

I may not be the best singer in the world but please take note that on the second verse lyrics of One Moment in Time, ‘to taste the sweet, I face the pain’, the correct pronounciation for the words “taste” is not “test”, “sweet” is not “sweat”, “face” is not “fess” and “pain” is not “pin”.

Your neighbor wth bloodied ears,



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