Summer is here!

Can I just say that as much as I love summer, I feel quite bummed out recently that news of people going to the beach ans soaking up the sun just makes me feel so envious. I would love an oceanfront place where I can just go and hide with Labyu. I saw some of those in Mexico Real Estate. Although closer to home would be Boracay or Bohol but these are one of those times i do want to just get away from everyone except Labyu.

I am now working part-time only. At the start I have two employers but the other one said he will only pay me by posting the cash. I wonder if what he said is true. For now I am not writing for him until I recieve the cash he promised via mail.

So I’m working part-time for this guy who pays me through paypal. 

I need to have another writing gig so anybody who needs a part-time rewriter, here I am! Hire me!

Sigh, summer…could you not be a bummer, please?


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