The Anemic in Me

Sigh. Last Saturday, I suddenly felt woozy all of a sudden. Like sort of a head rush but with the world turning about me. It was an awful feeling. My cousin MJ came to the house to check on my blood pressure and voila, I have low blood pressure. Iron deficiency was the reason. Weird enough because I’m not losing any blood for now. My OB said that it’s pretty normal for women, after giving birth, not to menstruate. It may take months or a year before the menstruation cycle comes back. Yay!

Still, it’s not exactly good news because I still need iron on my diet. So now, my parents are gorging me up with food. The good thing is I can get to eat anything I want like chocolates, stone crab, sweet corn, fried chicken, hotdogs and other yummy food.

Now, I have to eat more. Gain more to defeat the anemic in me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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