Prepping up

Our dance presentation is going to be tomorrow night! I am so excited. Unfortunately i’m totally bummed with my costume. It is all in Benetton colors. So I need to have a solid color pants, round-neck t-shirt and another solid color short sleeved polo. That is a problem. But the one thing I won’t have to worry about is my hair because there’s this place, the colony salon, that does amazing hair styles. The make-up will also be a cinch as well because I learned a lot from my aunt and cousin in KK.

Tonight, we will be having our last practice. I want to bring Heaven but then my parents are against the idea because our practice is at 7pm. Sigh. I don’t want to leave her. I really love being with her. If only I can do all the things I want to do with her somehow just being there with me, not crying or does not want to be carried by me.

Yeah, I wish. Hehehe…time to go and prep up.



  1. hi shane! i’m great, and our presentation was good. i’ll upload one of our practice vids in youtube. =p glad you’re back, shane!


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