the other dog

Our family had many dogs but the one pet that was with us the longest is Misty. She has been with us for 9 years already. She have many puppies that we gave away and for her menopausal puppy, we have Taz.

Unlike Misty who is obedient and well-trained by my Dad, Taz is a bit of a rebel. She hates being tied, she runs around in circles and she is a menace to our front yard. You would think that she would have outgrown the dog chewing, the incessant digging and the pooping anywhere but she hasn’t. So I told my Dad that we really should have her enroll in a dog obedience class. She can pick up some tips and actually become a better house pet and guard dog.

Taz would make a good racing dog too. She runs so fast. She hass too much energy and somehow we hope that there is a way to channel that excess energy. So this website I found, Racing Dog Lovers, both provides tips and more on dog obedience and how to care for overly enthusiastic dogs like our Taz.


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