To de-clutter

When I got pregnant , I turned into someone I barely know. I eat vegetables and started to put on make-up. I even became neat. Now that I’m no longer pregnant, I have lost some of those like the vegetable eating, (I only force myself to eat them for Heaven’s sake) and the make-up thing (I am too lazy to even powder my nose). However, the neat freak in me is still quite alive.

So I am now at the point wherein I actually want to de-clutter the house. Yes, time to fix things up, tidy them and remove those things that are no longer useful, beautiful or not broken.I actually need something like the MonsterRax to segregate them from one another as well as store them.

My main problem is actually the time to do all this. Sigh. If only I can clone myself so I can do all the things needed here at home. If only. The de-cluttering for now is confined only to my stuff. And I can’t even finish doing that. Ugh. So much for the neat-o persona.


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