Betty’s Makeover

We have this red Volkswagen named Betty who is currently not running. She’s red and pretty but she is also kind of old. The main problem is that it’s not easy to find auto parts for her. No one can even change her wheels because the bolts are old and they can’t find a wrench to fit it, I think.

We got Betty from an uncle of mine and we really liked her but now she’s slowly rotting away in front of the house because there are no mechanics here that can look at her or supply the needed parts to make her run again.

So I went online and found a site on New Auto Parts where I can browse through their online catalogue and order from there. This is nice and a purple gorilla is there to assist. This is perfect to make Betty’s makeover a reality.

Picture Life

I am a photo enthusiast. I love a good photo. I even consider myself not that shabby in the art of capturing images. So when it comes to taking pictures, I try to look through other photograhers’ work to get inspired and to learn new techniques and styles. Like Russia stock photography, photoblogs of famous photojournalists, and photo sites of my friends who are all nearly ever so active in taking pictures with their cameras. 

I for one, love landscapes and still life. However, close to my heart would be people, portraits. I like taking a picture of someone totally unaware that I captured him in a state of something with all the best elements one can have in a photograph. Images like that are worth framing an placed on display.

The Anemic in Me

Sigh. Last Saturday, I suddenly felt woozy all of a sudden. Like sort of a head rush but with the world turning about me. It was an awful feeling. My cousin MJ came to the house to check on my blood pressure and voila, I have low blood pressure. Iron deficiency was the reason. Weird enough because I’m not losing any blood for now. My OB said that it’s pretty normal for women, after giving birth, not to menstruate. It may take months or a year before the menstruation cycle comes back. Yay!

Still, it’s not exactly good news because I still need iron on my diet. So now, my parents are gorging me up with food. The good thing is I can get to eat anything I want like chocolates, stone crab, sweet corn, fried chicken, hotdogs and other yummy food.

Now, I have to eat more. Gain more to defeat the anemic in me. 🙂


I am a movie buff and I wondered what would be new movies I can look forward to. I stumbled upon this movie review site called CinemaMob. It’s a mobile video club that allows you to view mobile video clips online. You can also download them on your cellphone. More than just video clips, you can also have movies on your phone. Interesting, right?

They also have nice reviews on each movie featured, as well as a synopsis for each movie. I find this extremely helpful for movie buffs like me.

Anyways, check their site for more information. However, I already have new movies in mind, like Salt (Jolie), Shutter Island (DiCaprio) and Alice in Wonderland (Depp). Yay!


I was born with a poor eyesight. Growing up, I thought that if I could not see it clearly, everybody else can’t too. Since I was short, I was always seated right up in the front so I can see what’s written on the blackboard. this was good until I was in 6th grade. I had to admit to myself that there was something wrong with my eyesight because I can’t see clearly at school.

It was only when I turned 23 that I finally had my eyesight corrected and gave up contact lenses and eyglasses. I had Lasik eye surgery. It was an easy procedure done for about 30 minutes and it didn’t hurt a bit. They placed anesthesia drops on my eyes before they did the surgery.

I just suddenly wondered if Heaven has perfect eyesight. I hope so. I mean, there is a 50-50 chance that she could take after me, right? Well, not to worry though, there’s Lasik surgery at Stahl Eye Center now. But I’m praying she would have 20:20 vision.

Rogue, too?

Sometimes, we all wish that we are the only one having this name or have thought of using this title or so. Being unique is something you can be proud of in many ways. So, for me, it is intriguing to find something or someone that is similar to me or anything closely related to me. is a community site on entertainment that showcases upcoming movies and more. They have photo stills, overview, cast details and movie reviews on new movies soon to be released to the market. You may also find informative blog posts on movies like trivia and news. You can also join in the community for feedback and discussions on notable movies or anything that simply catches your attention.

The site is quite unique and definitely worth visiting.

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