Return to Dancing

Yesterday, I went out for a dance practice. This was for the upcoming Lourdes Days on February 6-11, 2010. Since it’s my alma mater, I would be performing with my relatives who graduated from there as well.

So I have my talkative aunts and cousins all danicng with me. It was a fun time. I was sweating a lot and having the time of my life. Gad, I do miss dancing.

One of my aunts, Tita Penny, arrived from abroad. She brought all these shoes and stuff for all of us. She also told us that my cousin Asha, gave birth to a baby boy. She said that my cousin took Columbus Health Insurance for her baby also. My aunt wondered if I already have one for Heaven. I told her no, since I am still thinking about what insurance I will get from my sister.

We continued our practice until 10pm. Baby Heaven was sleepy the entire time but she was constantly disturbed by her cousins. Still, I think she loved it.

Our performance will be on February 7. I am so excited already. It’s my first performance here since I arrived. I do hope we will do great.

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