Playing house

There are many things in life that I wish I have and one of them is a dollhouse. I really love playing with tiny toys. I know that dollhouse miniatures would be perfect for me. I don’t necessarily have an eye for details but I learned to appreciate the skill and effort it takes in making something so small.

My dream dollhouse would have a marroon roof and cream walls. I was thinking more of a Spanish style home. It will have two floors. The ground floor would be for the living room, dining area and kitchen. The second floor would be for my baby Heaven‘s room, my room, and the recreation room slash entertainment room slash music room. Oh and the bathroom too.

I will have mini everything! From chairs, beds and lamps! I also want doors and windows painted chocolate brown. There will be cream and white colored curtains on the windows and lamps in the living room, my room and a night lamp for Heaven’s room. My music room will have a piano, guitar and a widescreen LCD TV with a DVD player and subwoofers.

My kitchen will be complete. I want a big refrigerator and a wide sink. I will have the best burners and an oven so my dolls can bake stuff. The dining room will have mahogany colored table and 6 chairs. I want a dining cabinet where the best china can be on display. I also will have a mini chandelier.

A little distant from the living room is a staircase which climbs alee leading to a bight red door. That would be my room just beside a sky blue lavender door that of Heaven’s room. At the left corner mini hall is my bathroom wide enough to accommodate my pink bathtub and a walk in closet.

Yes, this is exactly how I want my dollhouse to be.


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