Multi-tasking household chores

This is something you should not do. Trying to do everything at once. It can only lead to accidents.

Yesterday, my mother called me up to ask me how am I doing and how baby Happy was doing. The usual banter ensued and then she told me about my sister’s work with an insurance company. My brother also signed up as an agent. Both of them are still under training. She discussed with me something about  term life insurance quotes and how much I can get from them. she also mentioned things like I can use it for life insurance or educational plan for Happy. I wasn’t really interested since my finances are far from stable.

After her call, I went about doing my chores. since we don’t have any househelp, I was doing everything from washing dishes to looking after my baby. I started to sterilize Heaven‘s milk bottles when she started to cry. I had the gas stove turned on low fire and attended to my baby. I don’t know how much time passed when suddenly I remembered what I was previously doing.

Thank God that I did remember or else a fire could have started.

Only two milk bottles were saved inside the sterilizer. The rest melted.

Now, i’m more seriously thinking of getting the insurance plan for whatever possible accidents I might have.

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