What I learned today…

I have been to many places in my life. i have been inside many houses and hotels. I have visited lots of resorts and inns. I thought I knew exactly what it was called until now. What am I talking about? It’s all about bathroom vanities.

Yes, I didn’t know they were called that. I thought it’s a dressed up lavatory. Anyway, my cousin recently asked me to accompany her to shop for her new bathroom. We went to the mall and after an hour, we were at the home section browsing through linen and other stuff. We arrived at the bathroom section and a nice guy assited us as she looked on the things she would want to get.

There were shower heads, shower curtains, towels and many more. Then we saw a sign that says SALE and it was over at the lavatory area. The nice guy pointed out that they were having a bathroom vanity clearance. This were like alarm bells in our heads and we rushed to check what we can get at this sale even if I have no idea what were they actually selling.

Suddenly we saw what he meant and my cousin jumped for joy because it was exactly what she wanted to have. A place where she can pamper herself while inside her bathroom. I was stunned to find out that all those I mistook for lavatories were bathroom vanities. My cousin settled for double bathroom vanities and I learned something new.

We went home happy and satisfied over the many things we got for her new bathroom.

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