Power Extreme!

Can I just say that I’m super blessed that the electric company is not being weird over the rainy weather. I say this because they have this inconvenient way of cutting off power when it is most needed. I have experienced that they deliberately cut off the electricity for 8 hours on some days. Sometimes, they even start to cut it on late afternoons until night. Then, you would have been feasted on by mosquitoes already. Days like that make me wish I have my own Diesel Generator at home.

If I own one I would be the only one in our block with electricity. I’m sure our house would be the popular one in the entire subdivision. The blackouts are a pain and Diesel Generators are great help so that my work online won’t get interrupted. I won’t need to go to an internet café at the mall just to finish my job. That’s expensive because they charge by the hour for the internet use. But with my own generator, things would be peachy.

I also like one of those Trailer Mounted Generators instead of the regular one. But I think it won’t fit our backyard. Still, having one for the house would be great. No more blackouts or power interruptions. Just pure electric bliss. 🙂


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