father four-eyes

My father came up to me and told me that his reading glasses was broken. This was a problem because he loved answering crossword puzzles in the newspaper and he loves to read. The fine print on the paper is not making this easy. I wanted to get him new eyeglasses but the ones we found at the mall are quite expensive. So I went online and searched for other options where I can get him good eyeglasses but is within my budget.

I found this review online for a company that sells eyeglasses but they price them at a reasonable amount. The company is called Zenni Optical. Their main manufacturing plant is located in China. They just need to know your pupilary distance and your choice of frame. They offer fixed shipping cost and free add-ons like anti scratch coating, UV protection and lens edge polishing and beveling. I was quite impressed by this so I told my father about it. He was pleased and encouraged me to get one for him.

All in all, I was glad that I went online to look for my father’s eyeglasses. I never thought that I could get it cheap. Quality prescription glasses are hard to find and usually they are expensive. Now my father can have great quality eyeglasses that won’t burn a hole in my pocket.


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