moments at the movies

The title of this post is quite deceiving. I haven’t been to the mall to watch a movie since New Moon came out so that would make it last November 2009. I recently went DVD shopping and bought some movies to watch at home.

Fame (2009) – I have been dying to watch this movie but I just couldn’t find the time when it came out in the theaters. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although, I wished they did more dance scenes. I heart Paul McGill, the actor who portrayed Kevin. There is something so endearing with him. Naturi’s version of  “Out Here On My Own” was so-so, the original was way better with Irene Cara singing it with heartfelt desire.

Final Destination 4 – I just had to watch the 4th movie on this series. I loved the first one, the second was disappointing, the third was also a letdown. I guess I expected too much from the 4th one. It was also just as bad as the others after the first Final Destination. The Final Destination series have come to the end of the road. They never should have made a sequel and two other horrible versions of the first one. Death will surely find you and it finally found the end of this series.

The Time Traveler’s Wife – This love story unexpectedly won my heart. I did not expect it to be so heart-tugging. I bought this for my stepmother and surprisingly, it was my father who got hooked. Of course, it was kind of sad, the way the story ends but it was a realistic ending for an unrealistic setting.

Avatar – What can I say but “I see you”. I’m hooked with the blue aliens and their plight to save their world. This movie got all the right amount of action, drama, romance and sci-fi mixed in without making it too alien for my taste. Plus, the kids love it.

Sherlock Holmes -I am a fan with Guy Ritchie films and he really made this movie entertaining and fun to watch.First of all, I am already a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Then he took two actors I like to play Holmes and WAtson impeccably. The plot was interesting and it made me excited to watch the sequel. Definitely, two thumbs up!

Amelia – A wonderful story about the woman pilot who got lost. Hilary Swank and Richard Gere seemed an unlikely pair but they were quite good together. It made me admire Earheart more.  She was relentless.

The Lovely Bones – Watching this movie reminded me of What Dreams May Come but all in all I liked it. I like Mark Wahlberg. He has become a good actor over the years.

Upcoming movies for 2010 seems promising but I have to go because my baby just woke up.


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