New baby site!

So as a newbie mom, I love browsing online for anything on babies. I have many questions and although my pediatrician is just a phone call away, I don’t fancy calling him for every little question I have. That ‘s why I turn to websites for easy access and immediate answers to my queries.

I stumbled upon this site on Baby and child that helped me with my worries on diaper rash, how to put a baby to sleep and other concerns any new mother usually encounters. The site is easy to use since they categorized it for Moms, pregnant women, babies, toddlers and kids. It also has a forum for you where you can connect with other users. The site has its own blog and all articles are easy to understand by your average reader.

Overall, I found the site helpful and informative. However, I do hope they will add images on the site to make it more attractive. Like for instances on how to bathe a newborn, a diagram or some photos on how you should do it will be better for new moms like me. Do try and check it out for yourself!


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