Stray Thoughts

I was just wondering about a few things…

  • Is it normal for babies to fart all the time? I mean I think Happy passes gas for about 50 times in a day.
  • Why is the nursery ryhme “Rock-a-bye baby” morbid? I mean, who placed the cradle up there in the first place? Just look at the lyrics:
Rock-a-bye Baby on the Treetop
When the Wind blows, the Cradle will Rock
When the Bough breaks, the Cradle will Fall
Down will come Baby, Cradle and all.
  • It has been raining on and off lately and the house smells! Should I get one of those dehumidifiers for home?
  • Why are mosquitoes suddenly on the rampage for blood? Happy and me are victims.

So with work and everything else and trying to earn online, I can only hope that my mind will soon be at ease.


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