My first 2010 post

Happy New Year! Wow, 2010. It is a year full of new things. Beginnings and endings. I look back over the choices I made in 2009 and wondered how it all brought me to where I am now. 2009 new year’s party was held in a club where we performed several dances. It was a weird time for me because I was alone, away from home, broken up over my shitty lovelife but I was looking forward to the changes in 2009.

I quit smoking and started meeting other people, dating and having fun. Then The Guy came back into my life and for the last time, we said our goodbyes and then Heaven came along. The decisions I made and what happened afterwards brought me here, back in my hometown with my parents and with my love, baby Happy.

Many beginnings like more new babies and new moms. Endings like work (goodbye to dancing temporarily), gimiks (for now, I’m under house arrest) and lovelife (I’m too busy with baby Happy to notice anybody hovering). Rekindling old friendshipa online and working online are here to stay.

In my previous job, we had a banner slogan titled “SARAP 2010”. It was a dream to reach bliss on work related matters. IT no longer applies to my old job but it aptly applies to me now because I love my life now. WIth baby Happy in it. Suddenly, the world is a vast of opportunities and I can take it on. I am hopeful and blissfully content to have her near me and see her smile.

God truly works in mysterious ways.

May your 2010 be as blissful as mine. May we all be more profitable and prosperous this year. May we all be blessed with more graces and good fortune from the Lord! Happy 2010!!!!

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