2010 wishlist

I decided to come up with a list of all the things I want to have this year. So I basically told myself that I need to work hard to get the things on my wishlist before 2011.

Here is my 2010 wishlist:

  1. a laptop – must be small, funky and can be used in my work. My choices would be Acer Aspire One or the Hp Mini.
  2. camcorders digital – I need one of those to capture moments of my baby Happy.
  3. a stroller – although I have one now which was lent to me by my aunt, I will have to return it when my other cousin gives birth.
  4. jewelry – I should really invest more in gold or white gold.
  5. watch – this one is for my father. He fell in love with this Timex watch which costs around 3,200php.
  6. new plastic cabinet – for my clothes. My current closet is not enough.

Six items on my wishlist and I know that I will soon add up some more. I do hope that when I do, I have at least gotten three of the items here.


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