Return to Dancing

Yesterday, I went out for a dance practice. This was for the upcoming Lourdes Days on February 6-11, 2010. Since it’s my alma mater, I would be performing with my relatives who graduated from there as well.

So I have my talkative aunts and cousins all danicng with me. It was a fun time. I was sweating a lot and having the time of my life. Gad, I do miss dancing.

One of my aunts, Tita Penny, arrived from abroad. She brought all these shoes and stuff for all of us. She also told us that my cousin Asha, gave birth to a baby boy. She said that my cousin took Columbus Health Insurance for her baby also. My aunt wondered if I already have one for Heaven. I told her no, since I am still thinking about what insurance I will get from my sister.

We continued our practice until 10pm. Baby Heaven was sleepy the entire time but she was constantly disturbed by her cousins. Still, I think she loved it.

Our performance will be on February 7. I am so excited already. It’s my first performance here since I arrived. I do hope we will do great.

2010 wishlist part 2

I had 6 items previously posted before and now to add to my wishlist are the following:

7. dvd home cinema system- I want to really experience dvd watching at home on a different level.

8. a brand new car- any will do as long as it’s new.

9. aircon– For my bedroom so that no mosquito will bite my baby’s finger. 😦

Until here for now…Goodnight, world!

PC stuff

My stepmother just told me that someone offered her a Dell laptop for sale. since I was on the lookout for a mini laptop she asked how much. It was for 40,000php. Of course I balked at it. No way.

I’m also on the prowl for cheap printer ink. I’m looking for HP Replacement Printer Ink Cartridges that are within my budget and will not cause any problem for my printer. I noticed that some printer ink cartridges makes the printer give dirty and smudgy prints after a few uses only. This is such a hassle. This usually happens when the printer ink is only a refill.

So I’m still on the search for my dream laptop and printer ink cartridge. Sigh. Wish me luck.

Multi-tasking household chores

This is something you should not do. Trying to do everything at once. It can only lead to accidents.

Yesterday, my mother called me up to ask me how am I doing and how baby Happy was doing. The usual banter ensued and then she told me about my sister’s work with an insurance company. My brother also signed up as an agent. Both of them are still under training. She discussed with me something about  term life insurance quotes and how much I can get from them. she also mentioned things like I can use it for life insurance or educational plan for Happy. I wasn’t really interested since my finances are far from stable.

After her call, I went about doing my chores. since we don’t have any househelp, I was doing everything from washing dishes to looking after my baby. I started to sterilize Heaven‘s milk bottles when she started to cry. I had the gas stove turned on low fire and attended to my baby. I don’t know how much time passed when suddenly I remembered what I was previously doing.

Thank God that I did remember or else a fire could have started.

Only two milk bottles were saved inside the sterilizer. The rest melted.

Now, i’m more seriously thinking of getting the insurance plan for whatever possible accidents I might have.

Playing house

There are many things in life that I wish I have and one of them is a dollhouse. I really love playing with tiny toys. I know that dollhouse miniatures would be perfect for me. I don’t necessarily have an eye for details but I learned to appreciate the skill and effort it takes in making something so small.

My dream dollhouse would have a marroon roof and cream walls. I was thinking more of a Spanish style home. It will have two floors. The ground floor would be for the living room, dining area and kitchen. The second floor would be for my baby Heaven‘s room, my room, and the recreation room slash entertainment room slash music room. Oh and the bathroom too.

I will have mini everything! From chairs, beds and lamps! I also want doors and windows painted chocolate brown. There will be cream and white colored curtains on the windows and lamps in the living room, my room and a night lamp for Heaven’s room. My music room will have a piano, guitar and a widescreen LCD TV with a DVD player and subwoofers.

My kitchen will be complete. I want a big refrigerator and a wide sink. I will have the best burners and an oven so my dolls can bake stuff. The dining room will have mahogany colored table and 6 chairs. I want a dining cabinet where the best china can be on display. I also will have a mini chandelier.

A little distant from the living room is a staircase which climbs alee leading to a bight red door. That would be my room just beside a sky blue lavender door that of Heaven’s room. At the left corner mini hall is my bathroom wide enough to accommodate my pink bathtub and a walk in closet.

Yes, this is exactly how I want my dollhouse to be.

new baby gifts!

Wonderful news! My cousin Io just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Prince. Instead of buying a gift for my new nephew, I decided to look for a gift for my cousin instead.

For quite sometime now, Magnetic Bracelets have caught my eye. I know many people who loved wearing them. They say it helps with their health. The magnetic bracelets they had on were quite plain which is why it didn’t interest me so much until now. I stumbled upon this site that really turned my head.

BillyTheTree magnetic bracelets are both stylish and affordable. Their prices are reasonable like their semi-precious collection which was for less than $30 only! They have a lot of great designs (one turquiose heart bracelet called my name) and they also offer free shipping worldwide! It’s truly a find.

So I am now in the process of choosing among the magnetic bracelet collection which would be nice for Io. BillyTheTree also offer good service and their site is easy to navigate.

Thanks to BillyTheTree, magnetic bracelets are now fashionably chic. I can’t hardly wait to get magnetic bracelets for me and Io.

one fishy moment

After my baby’s regular check up with her peditrician, I found myself strolling down the park instead of heading to the shuttle terminal. I saw a concrete bench a few  steps away  and decided to sit down to rest..From where I sat cradling baby Happy, some folks caught my attention throwing, scattering crumbs all over as a flock of pigeons glide down to pick and feed on them. It suddenly gave me an idea of getting a pet for baby Happy.

To my surprised, right beside the cathedral a block away from where I was seated, there was a pet shop. I went in to find what pet would be nice to get. I was thinking of a puppy but she won’t get to play with it until she gets a bit older. After quite some time, I decided on fishes because they are relaxing to look at. I also checked how much an aquarium would cost and  some coral for sale.

I decided to just look and buy coral and fishes some other day since I can’t very well indulge in untimely expenses for now. But I did take note of the WYSIWYG coral prices and clown fish prices. I think by next year, baby Happy will have her own aquarium to play with.

the Dream-Buying First Home

I went to my uncle’s place and met up with my cousin MJ. We chatted over many things until we arrived on the subject of buying a house. MJ was interested to get a condo unit at the building being built near the mall. I was more interested in getting a house with a frontyard with white picket fences.

We talked about how much Buying First Home might cost and other money matters. Since we were first-time buyers and we were both unmarried, we were also wondering how much tax we might need to pay for such purchase.

It was to our delight that we learned of the extended 2010 Homebuyer Tax Credit wherein there is a provision of $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers. The income caps for individuals was $125,000 and for families, it’s $225,000. The credit will apply for homes bought for less than $800,000. This is really advantageous for buyers like me or my cousin, as well as for other buyers like those families who have been renting for 5 years or so and would like to buy their residence for their own.

Owning a home is not an easy feat and we need all the help we can get. That includes, freebies, tax credits, discounts and such to lessen the cost of buying one’s dream house. For me and MJ, our dream houses can wait but one day, we will definitely get them.

Power Extreme!

Can I just say that I’m super blessed that the electric company is not being weird over the rainy weather. I say this because they have this inconvenient way of cutting off power when it is most needed. I have experienced that they deliberately cut off the electricity for 8 hours on some days. Sometimes, they even start to cut it on late afternoons until night. Then, you would have been feasted on by mosquitoes already. Days like that make me wish I have my own Diesel Generator at home.

If I own one I would be the only one in our block with electricity. I’m sure our house would be the popular one in the entire subdivision. The blackouts are a pain and Diesel Generators are great help so that my work online won’t get interrupted. I won’t need to go to an internet café at the mall just to finish my job. That’s expensive because they charge by the hour for the internet use. But with my own generator, things would be peachy.

I also like one of those Trailer Mounted Generators instead of the regular one. But I think it won’t fit our backyard. Still, having one for the house would be great. No more blackouts or power interruptions. Just pure electric bliss. 🙂

What I learned today…

I have been to many places in my life. i have been inside many houses and hotels. I have visited lots of resorts and inns. I thought I knew exactly what it was called until now. What am I talking about? It’s all about bathroom vanities.

Yes, I didn’t know they were called that. I thought it’s a dressed up lavatory. Anyway, my cousin recently asked me to accompany her to shop for her new bathroom. We went to the mall and after an hour, we were at the home section browsing through linen and other stuff. We arrived at the bathroom section and a nice guy assited us as she looked on the things she would want to get.

There were shower heads, shower curtains, towels and many more. Then we saw a sign that says SALE and it was over at the lavatory area. The nice guy pointed out that they were having a bathroom vanity clearance. This were like alarm bells in our heads and we rushed to check what we can get at this sale even if I have no idea what were they actually selling.

Suddenly we saw what he meant and my cousin jumped for joy because it was exactly what she wanted to have. A place where she can pamper herself while inside her bathroom. I was stunned to find out that all those I mistook for lavatories were bathroom vanities. My cousin settled for double bathroom vanities and I learned something new.

We went home happy and satisfied over the many things we got for her new bathroom.