Christmas came on December 3, 2009

I was induced into labor last December 2. I was hoping I would give birth on the same day as my grandmother was born but Heaven had other ideas. She didn’t want to come out at all. So I under went a C-section surgery and on 2:37am December 3, 2009, Heaven Anthony arrived. She weighed 3 kgs and gave a hearty cry before I slipped back into unconsciousness.

By the way, no one told me that if you go under the knife that they will bind you to the table. I feel like a prisoner. I can’t move at all. They strapped me on the table and gave me a sedative while they operated on me.

Recovery is long and painful but bearable. They gave me a bikini cut so it’s hardly noticeable.

I will go back to wok next week and although my days will soon go back to being normal, it will never be boring because Heaven is quite a handful. I love her so much.



  1. wow. not even a day old and she already has “other ideas” haha.
    congrats mommy rogue!
    and hearty healthy welcome for your little rogue.


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