Breastfeeding aches. I even wanted to give it up after two weeks. They all want me to breastfeed for 6 months.

When Heaven cries, I feel like crying as well.

Vampire baby, that’s her. Sleeps during the day, is wide awake at night til morning.

Cleaning up her poo-poo is expected. Trying to wash it off the cloth diaper is far difficult than expected.

Eating veggies and drinking soup is a must. All for the breastmilk. All for Heaven.

Zero social life. I’m under house arrest as she is.

No time to work online. Had to take a leave. No wonder employed moms get 2 months of maternity leave. Learning how to take care of your child is not easy to learn.

Uber scary rashes due to people kissing her, touching her and carrying her. Even if they placed on alcohol or washed their hands, she still get rashes.

Awful medication for the rashes. The pedia prescribed this cream which can be found nowhere in the pharmacies I have been to. So the leading pharmacy Mercury Drug recommended an ointment which the pedia approved. The result is that it was too strong fo baby skin and made Heaven’s skin peel and turn more red than before. Ugh! I want to kill them all!

Anyhow, the cause of the rashes is still undetermined. It could be the milk, it could be the people who held her on my bday (which was very nice. I will blog about it on another day), it could be her clothes (which I doubt) or insects that have been all over her, hovering about (ants, mosquitos and other UFIs).

She’s a sweet baby and now she can more or less see me and even watch tv with me. She smiles beautifully and can even laugh when she’s asleep. Maybe dreaming of something funny. I have several videos of her and tons of pictures but hardly the time to sit in front of the computer to upload them. This precious time blogging is due to the fact that she’s asleep, exhausted from the ordeal of taking a bath care of yours truly.

Being a mother is not easy. My mommy skills are not yet really that good. Still, I can only do my best becuase Heaven is mine to love and to take care of. She’s also depending on nobody else but me.

Christmas came on December 3, 2009

I was induced into labor last December 2. I was hoping I would give birth on the same day as my grandmother was born but Heaven had other ideas. She didn’t want to come out at all. So I under went a C-section surgery and on 2:37am December 3, 2009, Heaven Anthony arrived. She weighed 3 kgs and gave a hearty cry before I slipped back into unconsciousness.

By the way, no one told me that if you go under the knife that they will bind you to the table. I feel like a prisoner. I can’t move at all. They strapped me on the table and gave me a sedative while they operated on me.

Recovery is long and painful but bearable. They gave me a bikini cut so it’s hardly noticeable.

I will go back to wok next week and although my days will soon go back to being normal, it will never be boring because Heaven is quite a handful. I love her so much.