3 days to go!

The doctor told me that if I don’t go into labor on my own by Dec 2, she will induce me into labor.

That’s 3 days from now.

I’m both fearful and excited.

I hope everything goes well.

I would like to thank St. Anthony because the stuff that I have been looking for since I arrived here in CDO was finally found. Thank you, St. Anthony.

I went to this new place called Thai Me Up at Capistrano Mabini with gal pals Gracielle and Zen. It was nice because it’s al fresco dining. No smoking place but it was great. The decors were authentic enough and the food was good. I will update this post with pics soon. I have been finding it a hard time to upload pics here.

hm…i want to write some more but I am preoccupied with baby prepping up the house. Yay!


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