So, I’m still pregnant…

Yes, I still am very much so. My doctor told me to go back on the 23rd for another check up. She told me that my baby’s head is still floating and has not settled down on my cervix. I’m half glad because the money I have for my delivery is not enough yet. I am hoping that all the money I earned will reach the amount I wanted to set aside for the hospital bills before I can start labor. I think Heaven feels this which is why she is also not ready to come out yet.

I found out that if I give birth on December, my health insurance can cover part of my hospital bills which is like awesome! So maybe Heaven also knows this. If I do give birth on Dec 1 or 2 it would be nice because that would then be my grandmother’s birthday!

Speaking of birthdays, my Dad just celebrated his 59th birthday yesterday. We had birthday lunch at PJoe’s in SM and we invited the rest of our relatives over at our house for dinner. My stepmom and Dad cooked pork and beans and pancit for long life. The pork and beans was oh so yummy.

We also ate last Saturday at this new restaurant in Robinson’s called Mooon. It has a Mexican theme going on. I have to say, two thumbs up for the service and the ambience. They had a mini fountain and the colors they used were so latin. The food was okay and the price was reasonable. I find the servings small, though. Do try their Moon Iced Tea and their fruit shakes. Yum!

Pictures to follow, soon as I find the time to chill and relax.


2 thoughts on “So, I’m still pregnant…

  1. I loooved MOOON when I was in Cebu! The dishes didn’t taste like any authentic Mexican dish but the ambience was so nice.
    Belated Happy Birthday to your dad and wishing you the most painless labor ever!
    Be well! Mwah!


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