My Pipit

“Pipit” is what we call a small bird similar to the Maya. The reason for this is because it makes a sound “Pit!” or “piiit!”.

Just recently, I was on my way out and while waiting for the shuttle to arrive, I heard a rustle from above the tree I was under in and a strong gust of wind blew then plop! Ababy bird fell smack down in front of my feet. I was surprised and of course immediately concerned. Poor thing. I picked it up and it was crying. I think it broke one of its wings. Anyhow, I took it in and tried to nurse it back to health. I gave it water and some sugar. It started to cry and make some noise. My parents thought it won’t last the night.

But it did. I gave it a piece of egg and cheese. To my delight it started to eat all on its own and even pooped.

The next day, it was jumping up and down in the box where I placed it. I was very happy. I was able to make it better. I took the bird out and it attempted to fly away although it didn’t reach very far. It fell and I had to carry it back to the box.

After quite some time, it made a much louder noise and I knew it wanted to go outside and fly already. So I brought it outside and on its first try, the bird went right back inside the house through the open door.

I took it out again and this time, I placed it on a branch of the three from where it fell. After a few prodding, it finally flew away.

Suddenly, I felt this sense of accomplishment. I guess you can say, this was my “nesting instinct” phase of the pregnancy.

2 thoughts on “My Pipit

  1. nice. you might just make it through motherhood after all! πŸ˜€
    seriously though, some people are truly born with it. you obviously have it in stockpiles.


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