Well, October was not of beers although there were parties. My uncle’s bday (Tito Nick)  came up and we celebrated this by having a house party over at their place and eating out at Oasis, this restaurant at Carmen. It was kinda pricey for my pocket but the food was good. I recommend their bistek.

 I also got to get in touch withanother old friend of mine, Trixie. I have been friends with her since we were in grade school. We usually go home together from school since our houses are not that far apart. There were three of us but somehow, I lost touch with Golda. Now, Trixie is married to a wonderful Americanand she lives in California. It was so nice to see her even if we only got to chat for an hour or so. We talked of how things are with each of our own lives. She’s here only to help her mom settle down in Xavier Estates with her husband. I am so blessed to have been meeting up with old friends here in CDO. I do miss them and it’s nice to know what they have been up to and how they are.

Here’s Trixie with me. I think we haven’t changed much in 20 years. 🙂


Another cousin of mine also celebrated her bday recently and we went to Tita Fannie’s for dinner. They offer unlimited rice servings there. Their specialty would be roasted chicken and pork. However, their flavoring was not to my taste. I liked their calamares though. Anyhow, I was there with Kristine’s family, her husband Mark’s family and us, cousins and my uncle Tito Nick.



Then suddenly, November arrived. We went to visit beloved family and relatives whop have passed away in the City Cemetery and Green Hills Memorial Park. I ate so much foodie on November 1 but somehow managed to offset all the food intake with the miles of walking I did that day. Phew! It was one tiring day. The moment we arrived at home, I was so tired, I slept right away.

I am now officially 36 weeks pregnant and am terribly aware that the D-Day could happen on November 18-25, 2009. My obgyn said that if on Nov. 16, I’m dilated already, I should get myself admitted already. Eeek!!!! I feel like I’m so not ready yet, emotionally, physically and financially. ugh. I need to work and work so that I can be ready for anything.

Lord, please send me Your help and Grace.

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