My aching back…

This is primarily due to the long hours I put in for work. Let’s also not ignore the fact that my baby girl is getting heavier and making me feel lightheaded. I read that it’s because most of my blood is with her now. Oh and with the storms coming in, the weather is totally awful. It’s super warm then it rains like there’s no tomorrow and then it stops altogether and gives you the terrible humidity that makes you sweat profusely even though you are not doing anything at all.

Let me just write here that after Jen’s arrival and meeting up with my highschool classmates, I also got to meet up with Achoo and Arnold. Both were old friends of mine. Arnold has been a friend of mine since Grade 6. Achoo, I met him in high school. Both work far away and it was just chance that I got to meet up with them despite their busy schedule and short visit here. I am truly happy coz I missed talking to them both.

On work, well all is manageable as much as I can. It is kind of getting a bit difficult now for me because I am starting to worry about many other things like my weight gain, the hospital bills, what to do if I freak out when I start to labor and all the other pre-labor stuff I’m supposed to worry about. I try not to think of the pain by writing and thinking of other stuff but yeah, I am worried as hell.

Overall, I am feeling really pregnant now. I think I feel the heat more than anybody else, I am thirsty all the time, hungry and irritable. Then add the uncomfortable state of having the baby roll or jam her foot in my stomach or on my urethra that makes me go to the bathroom like 10x a day (I think).  Ugh.

So I end all my rants here and wish that I have snow now. It is so warm! I want to soak in a tub full of ice.


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  1. Whenever we have get-togethers, the rest of the kikays ask about you. Good thing you have this blog, I’m updated and can share with them what’s going on in your life. Lalo na ke Tajiwa na hindi mahilig magbasa…hahaha!


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