Sexynomad at CDO

A most wonderful visit happened. My bestfriend Jen a.k.a. Sexynomad arrived last Oct. 9, 2009 and stayed with me until Oct. 12, 2009. I was so delighted to have her company. When I arrived last june, I didn’t get to see her at all in Manila becuase I left quite suddenly the following day for CDO.

Now, we got to have our bonding time!

That bonding time turned into working time because it was a Friday so we both had work. She’s also working online like me. We went to my uncle’s place in P.N. Roa to go online and work. So our bonding time also involved fun times with MJ. We left around midnight and continued chatting until 3am, I think.

Saturday found us strolling over my alma mater, Xavier University. We took pics and just reminisced. For lunch, we went to Lim Ket Kai Mall and ate at Gloria Maris. We had dessert at Fiorgelato where I had ice cream and she had coffee.

We went shopping for baby stuff afterwards in Robinsons Mall and at SM. She’s so excited over Heaven’s arrival. I was thankful and extremely blessed. She bought Heaven stuff she will need when she arrives. So now, I just need to get my baby her crib. hehehehe…

We then went to Divisoria at the Night cafe. Jen wanted to look for a bag which she can bring over to Singapore when she goes there next week. We found the perfect bag and it only cost her 220php. It was a Coach imitation. It was in black and white.

We had dinner at my happy place and then went over to watch my dad perform over at Mallberry Hotel.

The next day, we went to the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador. there stood a giant statue of Jesus. It was my first time there. They were strict with the dress code. I had to wear a blue shawl over my shoulders because my back was exposed. Jen had to wear a blue skirt because her dress did not fall two inches below her knees.

We went to Jen’s grandfather’s place at Apovel afterwards. We had lunch there and had my afternoon nap there as well. We went to P.N. Roa for videoke sessions. Lots of singing and fun moments with my nephew DD playing the electric guitar as his dad, Carlo, sings. It was very endearing.

The next day, we had lunch at Roadhouse in SM with my dad, Gracielle, Jen’s cousin Kai and two of our high school classmates, Mitchellene and Michelle. We had dessert at Coffee Dream.

I also just realized how little pictures I took. Jen took pictures of almost everything. It was nice to have gotten back together with our high school classmates. I do hope we can all reconnect again soon.

I had a fun weekend and I learned a lot from my bestfriend. She encouraged me and we exchanged ideas on how to earn more money and become millionaires. I started my Money mantra which she taught me and I have to update my vision board. She even thought of how we can both earn over my fiction stories and my songs. She’s an amazing woman. Generous and gorgeous, I hope that I won’t disappoint her or myself in the next endeavor I will undertake.

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