random events in the city

I have been quite busy at work here at home lately. I couldn’t find the time to blog. so here I am, updating while trying to kill the mosquitos biting me. Ugh!

First off, there was this one day I went to SM just for my walking exercise. Jowk! I don’t remember why we were there, maybe an errand or something but I stumbled upon a photo exhibit that showcased Northern Mindanao titled “Living Treasures of Northern Mindanao”. The photographer was George Tapan. It was too bad I didn’t see him. I thought he gave a seminar or something. He is a renowned photographer, especially on travel. His work is really amazing. He captured moments of people in state costumes, pineapples, durians and many other tropical sites and touris spots that can be found here in Mindanao. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to capture any of it in my phone. Only this:


Another event I recently went tois the Philippine Civil Service Musical Extravaganza at Limketkai Mall last Sept. 28, 2009. It was an event wherein representatives of the different branches of government offices in the city performed for the public to celebrate the theme: “Honoring our Heroes in Republic Service. Responsive, Ethical Public Servants with Vision, Impact, Commitment and Excellence.”

There were entertaining numbers like modern dances to popular tunes like Nobody and other Korean pop songs. There were also nice song renditions that ranged from oldies to modern hits. Overall, it was a good show and I had a great time watching them. Our public servants are not only helpful, they are also very talented.


That’s a photo of the Department of Agrarian Reform Region IX Choir.

Last, but not the least, while riding the motorela going somewhere with my dad, I noticed this painted on our ride.

It’s actually a “No Smoking” image. It just looked really funny. The naked dude is strangling this huge cigarette with a face and the dud was saying “Yawa Ka!” (translated to something like, “To hell with you!”). Hehehehe…it’s funny but I totally get it. No smoking in the motorela. 🙂

That’s all, folks!



  1. MJ, it’s funny, right?
    Tin! gaosh, i’m all good. i have to watch my weight. i’m gaining too much too fast. errr…i do hope to see you here in CDO, too. mwah!


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