My aching back…

This is primarily due to the long hours I put in for work. Let’s also not ignore the fact that my baby girl is getting heavier and making me feel lightheaded. I read that it’s because most of my blood is with her now. Oh and with the storms coming in, the weather is totally awful. It’s super warm then it rains like there’s no tomorrow and then it stops altogether and gives you the terrible humidity that makes you sweat profusely even though you are not doing anything at all.

Let me just write here that after Jen’s arrival and meeting up with my highschool classmates, I also got to meet up with Achoo and Arnold. Both were old friends of mine. Arnold has been a friend of mine since Grade 6. Achoo, I met him in high school. Both work far away and it was just chance that I got to meet up with them despite their busy schedule and short visit here. I am truly happy coz I missed talking to them both.

On work, well all is manageable as much as I can. It is kind of getting a bit difficult now for me because I am starting to worry about many other things like my weight gain, the hospital bills, what to do if I freak out when I start to labor and all the other pre-labor stuff I’m supposed to worry about. I try not to think of the pain by writing and thinking of other stuff but yeah, I am worried as hell.

Overall, I am feeling really pregnant now. I think I feel the heat more than anybody else, I am thirsty all the time, hungry and irritable. Then add the uncomfortable state of having the baby roll or jam her foot in my stomach or on my urethra that makes me go to the bathroom like 10x a day (I think).  Ugh.

So I end all my rants here and wish that I have snow now. It is so warm! I want to soak in a tub full of ice.

The Summit @ CDO

The Cagayan de Oro Bloggers (CDO Bloggers) group is set to play host to the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3, which will be held on October 24, 2009. With the theme, “Mindanao: Bag-Uhon Ang Panan-aw,” the MBS 3 aims to uphold the beauty and strength of the island and to expunge the negative notions the world has about it.

(Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines – October 21, 2009) – It’s all systems go for the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers (CDO Bloggers) as they play host to the much-awaited Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3, an annual gathering of Mindanao-based bloggers, IT industry experts, community leaders and new media advocates, on October 24, 2009 at Pearlmont Inn, Limketkai Drive, Cagayan de Oro City. Roughly 300 bloggers are expected to attend this year’s summit.

With the theme, “Mindanao: Bag-Uhon Ang Panan-aw,” (Changing The Way People See Mindanao) the event aims to uphold the beauty and strength of Mindanao, to highlight the diverse cultures and fascinating tourist spots that are uniquely Mindanao and to provide a platform where bloggers and other new media practitioners can discuss concerns related to Mindanao – all with the help of new and emerging technologies.

“Mindanao is the home of everything fascinating or in bloggers’ lingo – bloggable. Through the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3, it is the hope of the CDO Bloggers, along with our partners and generous sponsors, that we listen to knowledgeable resource persons, meet other Mindanaoan bloggers, share and maximize all of our skills and resources and adopt tried and tested practices that can help us to fully promote Mindanao and for us to become better bloggers as well,” emphasized Chiq Montes, president of CDO Bloggers.

“Of course, we also want all of the participants to have a good time and experience the sights and sounds of Cagayan de Oro,” Montes added.

Montes said that apart from Mindanaoan bloggers, the summit will also see the participation of some bloggers from Luzon and Visayas.

Expected to grace the summit is United States Embassy’s new Deputy Chief of Mission Leslie Bassett, Atty. Adel Tamano, Agusan Lone District Rep. Rodolfo “Ompong” Plaza and Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Tinnex Jaraula.

Considered unprecedented in the Philippine blogosphere, a top ranking United States Embassy dignitary is set to deliver the keynote address. Bassett’s trip to CDO will be her first trip to Mindanao since assuming office in June. She previously served as DCM in Mexico.

“We are deeply honored. We’re certain that the summit participants will be delighted to meet her and we can’t wait for her to see our beautiful city,” Montes said.

Other speakers during the whole-day affair include Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Tinnex Jaraula, Agusan Lone District Rep. Rodolfo “Ompong” Plaza and Atty. Adel Tamano.

Google’s Philippine representative Aileen Apolo, whose talk will focus on beginners, Digital Filipino’s Janette Toral, who will discuss blog advertising and Lyle Santos, who will talk about making money online will also be present. Representatives of other blogger groups including those in Davao City, General Santos City and Zamboanga will also give updates.

After the summit proper, participants have the choice of joining either the city tour (Xavier University Museum, Cathedral, Divine Mercy Shrine, Opol Aviary, Limketkai Mall) or the whitewater rafting adventure.

Also happening on October 24, right after the MBS 3, is the Philippine Blog Awards – Mindanao awarding ceremonies.

CDO Bloggers, Inc., a group duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, is the lead organizer of this year’s Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3. Previous summits took place in Davao City and General Santos City.

The Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 is generously supported by SMART Telecommunications, Nokia, Syntactics, Inc., STI, Rafting Adventure Philippines,, Majesty Sales Center, Havaianas Philippines, OLX Philippines Free Classifieds, Clara Shoppe, ASTERISK Events and Communications, RG & K Construction, Paguia’s Cottages, The Companies, The Site, Spruce, The City Government of Cagayan de Oro, Office of CDO First District Rep. Rolando “Klarex” Uy, SM City Cagayan de Oro, Ultra Craft Advertising Corporation, Magnet Advertising, Provincial Government of Misamis Oriental and the Mindanao Bloggers community. Media partners include Papa Ardie’s Concepz, STI, ABS CBN, MOR 91.9 and HOT FM 106.3.

For more information about the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3, log on to


How I want to join but no one can go with me and I am so pregnant. This means I am feeling all lazy and pretty and there are times that I just want to chill somewhere and think of nothing but clouds.

Sexynomad at CDO

A most wonderful visit happened. My bestfriend Jen a.k.a. Sexynomad arrived last Oct. 9, 2009 and stayed with me until Oct. 12, 2009. I was so delighted to have her company. When I arrived last june, I didn’t get to see her at all in Manila becuase I left quite suddenly the following day for CDO.

Now, we got to have our bonding time!

That bonding time turned into working time because it was a Friday so we both had work. She’s also working online like me. We went to my uncle’s place in P.N. Roa to go online and work. So our bonding time also involved fun times with MJ. We left around midnight and continued chatting until 3am, I think.

Saturday found us strolling over my alma mater, Xavier University. We took pics and just reminisced. For lunch, we went to Lim Ket Kai Mall and ate at Gloria Maris. We had dessert at Fiorgelato where I had ice cream and she had coffee.

We went shopping for baby stuff afterwards in Robinsons Mall and at SM. She’s so excited over Heaven’s arrival. I was thankful and extremely blessed. She bought Heaven stuff she will need when she arrives. So now, I just need to get my baby her crib. hehehehe…

We then went to Divisoria at the Night cafe. Jen wanted to look for a bag which she can bring over to Singapore when she goes there next week. We found the perfect bag and it only cost her 220php. It was a Coach imitation. It was in black and white.

We had dinner at my happy place and then went over to watch my dad perform over at Mallberry Hotel.

The next day, we went to the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador. there stood a giant statue of Jesus. It was my first time there. They were strict with the dress code. I had to wear a blue shawl over my shoulders because my back was exposed. Jen had to wear a blue skirt because her dress did not fall two inches below her knees.

We went to Jen’s grandfather’s place at Apovel afterwards. We had lunch there and had my afternoon nap there as well. We went to P.N. Roa for videoke sessions. Lots of singing and fun moments with my nephew DD playing the electric guitar as his dad, Carlo, sings. It was very endearing.

The next day, we had lunch at Roadhouse in SM with my dad, Gracielle, Jen’s cousin Kai and two of our high school classmates, Mitchellene and Michelle. We had dessert at Coffee Dream.

I also just realized how little pictures I took. Jen took pictures of almost everything. It was nice to have gotten back together with our high school classmates. I do hope we can all reconnect again soon.

I had a fun weekend and I learned a lot from my bestfriend. She encouraged me and we exchanged ideas on how to earn more money and become millionaires. I started my Money mantra which she taught me and I have to update my vision board. She even thought of how we can both earn over my fiction stories and my songs. She’s an amazing woman. Generous and gorgeous, I hope that I won’t disappoint her or myself in the next endeavor I will undertake.

my happy place and a barcode

Last October 3, 2009, my happy place finally opened at SM. this means I can now be happy each time I get hungry at the mall. Yay! They had a drum and bugle group with band majorettes dancing. I wanted to have my picture taken with the mascots but I was alone then and I just wouldn’t trust anyone to take my pic from my phone. So here are the photos I took to commemorate this happy event:

    Ronald McDonald is fat here. hehehehee…I ordered my fave, quarter-pounder with cheese meal.

If you have noticed, Google had this barcode instead of their logo. It’s because October 7 was the birthday for barcodes. I made my own barcode for my blog:

cool, huh? if you want your own barcode, just click this:

random events in the city

I have been quite busy at work here at home lately. I couldn’t find the time to blog. so here I am, updating while trying to kill the mosquitos biting me. Ugh!

First off, there was this one day I went to SM just for my walking exercise. Jowk! I don’t remember why we were there, maybe an errand or something but I stumbled upon a photo exhibit that showcased Northern Mindanao titled “Living Treasures of Northern Mindanao”. The photographer was George Tapan. It was too bad I didn’t see him. I thought he gave a seminar or something. He is a renowned photographer, especially on travel. His work is really amazing. He captured moments of people in state costumes, pineapples, durians and many other tropical sites and touris spots that can be found here in Mindanao. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to capture any of it in my phone. Only this:


Another event I recently went tois the Philippine Civil Service Musical Extravaganza at Limketkai Mall last Sept. 28, 2009. It was an event wherein representatives of the different branches of government offices in the city performed for the public to celebrate the theme: “Honoring our Heroes in Republic Service. Responsive, Ethical Public Servants with Vision, Impact, Commitment and Excellence.”

There were entertaining numbers like modern dances to popular tunes like Nobody and other Korean pop songs. There were also nice song renditions that ranged from oldies to modern hits. Overall, it was a good show and I had a great time watching them. Our public servants are not only helpful, they are also very talented.


That’s a photo of the Department of Agrarian Reform Region IX Choir.

Last, but not the least, while riding the motorela going somewhere with my dad, I noticed this painted on our ride.

It’s actually a “No Smoking” image. It just looked really funny. The naked dude is strangling this huge cigarette with a face and the dud was saying “Yawa Ka!” (translated to something like, “To hell with you!”). Hehehehe…it’s funny but I totally get it. No smoking in the motorela. 🙂

That’s all, folks!