a Ghostly shade of me

I have been working online as a ghostwriter and I am super duper blessed because my employers are awesome. My articles have been published online already and although my name is not there, I am still proud of me! hehehehehe.

Halloween will soon be upon us and one of the sites I wrote for were halloween costumes! I wrote the articles for Elvis Presley costumes, Michael Jackson costumes, Start trek, Ice Age, Twilight, X-Men and Transformers costumes. You can read it at http://www.frightnightcostumes.com.

By the way, I compiled some pics of yours truly in costume!

There’s me in a green Irish lass costume, me in red latin costume, me in silver disco costume, then me in belly dancing costume, me in Magunatip costume, then me as a creepy doll, then me in a bunny costume (one of my fave!), another in an Indian costume with sari and all, then in a geisha look (i didn’t like the make-up we used here, it itches!), then there’s the dead soldier costume, the hot pink retro costume, the ballerina costume, another traditional costume, and an all-white number.

I do hope my family will have a costume party this Halloween. If not, sigh, there’s always next year. And by that time, my baby can play dress-up with me already! yay!

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