black or white or love?

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We always want to make most of any situation we are in. If we have money, we would like to save a portion of it and splurge as well. Unfortunately, we rarely get to do both. In this world, there are gray areas but in the realm of love, there’s only black or white. You are either in love or not. You are either faithful or not. You are either committed to be in a relationship or not. When your heart is at stake, the risk is too much. You risk everything based on actions shown, affections exchanged or words spoken. So why do we still risk it all?

There are very few relationships or marriages I actually admire. Some have endured longterm separation, some have went through ups and downs that it should die a natural death but it survives. Some have started awfully yet thrives to journey into something beautiful. However, I have witnessed enough failed relationships that outweighs the successful ones. It is disheartening. Although I am always optimistic over almost anything, love and relationships have taken much beating and comes up very low on my list of sunshine and light. Aside from my own experience on the said department, I just found out that one mof my bestfriends’ relationship went down the drain. sigh. I’m so sad for her.

Yet life is like that, right? You can’t always have the happy endings. I knew this. We all knew this for a long time. Why do we still hope for happy endings? Why do we always wish for the magic to appear? The special spark to make everything perfect?

It is just pathetic. We are pathetic. And this makes us just…human.

5 thoughts on “black or white or love?

  1. i know exactly what you’re getting at. if you love a person, you can not use “im human” as an excuse for your “mistakes”. i used quotation marks because the real mistakes are the faults that are accidental not the ones that are avoidable. cheating is not a mistake. it is a conscious act. if you can cheat, you’re not in love that much so dont waste the other person’s time.


  2. lab, actually i read your blog already but haven’t had the chance to write my comment. i believe that if you want your relationship to work, we all must not just concentrate with our other half (in marriage) instead being conscious too with our relationship with our Creator. in short, putting God in the center of your relationship. that both of you together will work ways on how to strengthen your relationship with God, with this I firmly believe that relationships specially marriagw will work because of the GRACE of God. In the first place, He was the one who gave us our partners. =)


  3. jai! you’re back! this is great! and yesh, cheating makes the relationship a farce. the ironic part is that it isn’t funny at all.
    dyiesza, thanks for the comment and you’re right, with conscious effort and faith in God, any relationship will work. we can’t always just leave it up to God nor can we just leave it all up to ourselves.


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