and the Baby is…

…a girl!!!

I found out yesterday after another prenatal check-up with a different doctor and at a different hospital. For now, she’s in the breech position so I keep on talking to her and telling her to move around and get into that proper fetal position for normal delivery. I don’t want to have a Caesarian delivery. It’s so expensive! I have ot prepare at least 60 thousand pesos for that! If normal delivery, only around twenty thousand pesos.

I am so tired nowadays. Tired and sleepy. My work is also getting worse. Good thing my father is helping me out. The niche market research is not as easy as it looked. Ugh.

I have to get back to work again. I kept on emailing my boss of my slow progress. šŸ˜¦ I do this, with hopes he will be more patient with me.

I deactivated my fishbook much going on there. Too much controversy. I just can’t handle all that crap right now.

My baby will definitely be named Heaven Anthony. I’m so sorry, Mom. I have to stand by this.



  1. im hapi for u cheska. wow baby girl??? how exciting can that be? i bet she’d be the cutest!
    no more fb? remember: you can only be a victim if you admit defeat. think about what i told you.
    i wish you and ur baby the best of everything!


  2. Thisisanalias, (long name, hehehehe) thanks! i needed to deactivate it for now because of the guy who doesn’t want to be my baby’s dad. he’s trying to get involved with my life and disrupting everything all over again, that’s all.
    i will reactivate it soon. maybe after the baby is born or when i think he has disappeared already. it’s just too much for me, now.
    thank you for the concern. i kow a lot of other people will wonder why but those who know me and knows my blog can always just be updated here.
    take care and hope to hear from you again!


  3. its a girl?????
    dang, i was rootin’ for a boy. sorry mom. nyahaha!
    wonderful news still. and i’m sure she’ll be such a handful. hehe.
    although i think i have to say that you should really come up with an explanation to her this early as to why she’s named ANTHONY.


  4. Duduy, my grandmother started that tradition. she was a devotee of St. Anthony de Padua. My twin aunts are named Desiree Anthony and Daphne Anthony. Their sister who recently passed is named Joanna Anthony. I have male cousins named Anthony (a lot!) but I decided to bring back the original tradition of naming Anthony for a girl as my grandmother started it.
    thanks and i do hope she won’t be much of a handful. I WAS a very obedient child. hehehehe…


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