Migraine Girl

  Remember Migraine Boy? Forget him. I am Migraine Girl.

The reason why I didn’t get to visit my doctor was this stupid migraine which persisted until yesterday. It’s only now that I am able to fully recover and write. That throbbing pain was terrible. It totally slowed me down with this assignment I was aiming to finish by today. 10 articles by Sunday. I already submitted 7 and so I have 3 more to do later on.

After the fiesta events, everything has gone back to a certain normalacy. Except for the baby who seem to be kicking more strongly now. My sister still hasn’t given birth yet. I am both scared and scared for her. She told me she already watched some birthing videos. My heart pounds ever so faster each time anyone tries to show me how the entire thing goes down. I don’t know why now, of all time, do I start getting scared of seeing the gore and agony of childbirth (when I watched a lot of those before)? My aversion to pain and anything that refers to the birth canal is normal, right? Those pregnancy books I’m reading can only tell you so much. They don’t actually talk back to me and tell me that it’s going to be okay.

Enough of that. I am starting to get queasy now.

I plan to go to my doctor on Monday instead. Time to do that glucose test she wanted and to hear her reprimand me because I gained 3 kilos again! What do I have to do? Stop eating? I tried that but my baby kept on kicking my stomach so I have to eat.

Okay, so this is one whiny post. Sue me. I think I’m now 7 months pregnant. Eek! November is just around the corner and I still don’t know how to breathe.

Something to ponder…”We can never know what we want because living only one life, we can neither compare it to our previous life nor perfect it in our lives to come.” – Milan Kundera



  1. hi meredith…Pregnancy is a scary and exciting journey. Don’t let fear take over your emotions. Enjoy every single moment your baby kicks and moves inside you. I find that it is indeed the most wonderful times of your moment. Don’t worry about tests or results or gaining weight ( hey I gained over 45 lbs!) when you see your baby for the first time, every fear and every pain will just fade away. The first time you hold your little one, you will really tell yourself I’ll do this over and over and over again for you. Nothing in this world can compare to the flood of emotions when you realize that now you are a mom! :)Hope all goes well. 🙂


  2. Hi Sheiryll! It was nice of youto drop by and I hope you will visit often. I don’t know about the doing over and over again part once I have my baby in my arms. Kinda hard when I’m single. hehehehe…I just hope I don’t drown in the flood of emotions and like you, I pray all will be well.
    thank you for your encouragement and hope to hear again from you. take care!


  3. Jing, if you want to have an easy pregnancy follow the advice of your ob…that’s what I did. The only weight I gained when I had Dse and Dion was their baby weight. I believe I had the easiest labor. I had Dse after 17 minutes. Dion took longer though, she came after I was three hours in labor…..don’t be stressed out…..you will breeze through this.


  4. hey you pregnant lady! love you!! heheheh oh comment nako ha… don’t mention me here..LOL!!! screen name ra… well chillax lang… okemz! muah muah!


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