a love like no other

It was my stepmother’s birthday last August 30. I also finally got to get in touch with my stepfather recently. Having both of them in my life made me realize something. Loving someone else’s child could not have come that easy. Trying to gain their love and respect as well, is no easy feat.

I remember how I saw my stepfather. In my mind, he was the unknown villain in my parents’ love story. I also saw the effort he gave trying to become my friend. Even at the age of 5, he would talk to me as if I’m an adult. He explained to me that he wasn’t there to take my father’s place but just to be my friend. This went on and on until I came to see him as my friend, a mentor and my guardian. I could only imagine how he must have felt then. He was quite young, now that I look back on it. Around early 20s, I guess and he was acting maturely for his age. He knew that for him and my mother to be together, he had to learn to love me and make me learn to love him.

I recall how I saw my stepmother. Toย  me, she was just one of my father’s girlfriends. I met a few and they were all nice but after a few years, they would be gone and it will be just me and my dad again. When my stepmother arrived, I could tell she was nervous around me. I was no longer a child, I was 12 years old and I pretty much have my own opinion and I have my own view on life. She started to befriend me and like what I did with my stepfather, I acknowledged her presence and treated the entire situation temporary. However, as time passed, I came to know her more and love her. I am not an easy person to love and despite all my faults, she loves me unconditionally.

I am lucky. Really lucky. Both my stepparents are in my life and I love them almost as much as I love my parents. They both make my parents happy and complete. What is even more amazing is they learned to love me like their own. It occurred to me, that kind of love is rare. That is one grand gesture that not anybody can top. In return, I try to be a good stepdaughter to them.

Life is truly a mystery. Someday, I hope to find someone who can love my child like their own. I pray that my baby will be blessed as I was with learning to know and love two wonderful stepparents.

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