quickie post

I’m working…overtime because my internet here at home got lost for nearly two days and I thought my bosses would kill me.Good thing they didn’t. hehehehe…

Let us all pray for the victims of the typhoon Ondoy. I heard there are two more storms on the way. Cwap.

How nice of my employer, let me hide his identity under the name “Joe” (wink! wink!), he actually placed my name on his website, the one I mentioned in my previous post. Isn’t that sweet of him?

I’m now 31 weeks! I was supposed to go to the hospital for a urinalysis. Sigh, postponed it til Friday. Next week are my prenatal check-ups. Plus the dreaded tetanus shot! Eeek!


a Ghostly shade of me

I have been working online as a ghostwriter and I am super duper blessed because my employers are awesome. My articles have been published online already and although my name is not there, I am still proud of me! hehehehehe.

Halloween will soon be upon us and one of the sites I wrote for were halloween costumes! I wrote the articles for Elvis Presley costumes, Michael Jackson costumes, Start trek, Ice Age, Twilight, X-Men and Transformers costumes. You can read it at http://www.frightnightcostumes.com.

By the way, I compiled some pics of yours truly in costume!

There’s me in a green Irish lass costume, me in red latin costume, me in silver disco costume, then me in belly dancing costume, me in Magunatip costume, then me as a creepy doll, then me in a bunny costume (one of my fave!), another in an Indian costume with sari and all, then in a geisha look (i didn’t like the make-up we used here, it itches!), then there’s the dead soldier costume, the hot pink retro costume, the ballerina costume, another traditional costume, and an all-white number.

I do hope my family will have a costume party this Halloween. If not, sigh, there’s always next year. And by that time, my baby can play dress-up with me already! yay!

black or white or love?

allure & 112 – allure – all cried out (Allure )

We always want to make most of any situation we are in. If we have money, we would like to save a portion of it and splurge as well. Unfortunately, we rarely get to do both. In this world, there are gray areas but in the realm of love, there’s only black or white. You are either in love or not. You are either faithful or not. You are either committed to be in a relationship or not. When your heart is at stake, the risk is too much. You risk everything based on actions shown, affections exchanged or words spoken. So why do we still risk it all?

There are very few relationships or marriages I actually admire. Some have endured longterm separation, some have went through ups and downs that it should die a natural death but it survives. Some have started awfully yet thrives to journey into something beautiful. However, I have witnessed enough failed relationships that outweighs the successful ones. It is disheartening. Although I am always optimistic over almost anything, love and relationships have taken much beating and comes up very low on my list of sunshine and light. Aside from my own experience on the said department, I just found out that one mof my bestfriends’ relationship went down the drain. sigh. I’m so sad for her.

Yet life is like that, right? You can’t always have the happy endings. I knew this. We all knew this for a long time. Why do we still hope for happy endings? Why do we always wish for the magic to appear? The special spark to make everything perfect?

It is just pathetic. We are pathetic. And this makes us just…human.

and the Baby is…

…a girl!!!

I found out yesterday after another prenatal check-up with a different doctor and at a different hospital. For now, she’s in the breech position so I keep on talking to her and telling her to move around and get into that proper fetal position for normal delivery. I don’t want to have a Caesarian delivery. It’s so expensive! I have ot prepare at least 60 thousand pesos for that! If normal delivery, only around twenty thousand pesos.

I am so tired nowadays. Tired and sleepy. My work is also getting worse. Good thing my father is helping me out. The niche market research is not as easy as it looked. Ugh.

I have to get back to work again. I kept on emailing my boss of my slow progress. 😦 I do this, with hopes he will be more patient with me.

I deactivated my fishbook account.so much going on there. Too much controversy. I just can’t handle all that crap right now.

My baby will definitely be named Heaven Anthony. I’m so sorry, Mom. I have to stand by this.

on friends and books

Yesterday was one of my happier days.

I met up with friends, had a wonderful time.

They say that good friends are like books that are hard to find which is why we should keep only the few good ones. I lost a lot of my favorite books from moving here and there. I also lost old friends and gained new ones. But those I have until now, I truly cherish. Some friends are like old books I have kept them somewhere only to have me find them all over again. I have that now. Old friends resurfacing and continue keeping a friendship that has lasted throughout the years.

Loyalty cannot be bought. Trust has to be earned. True friends will not deceive you. I hope you are all blessed to have good friends. They keep the wolves at bay and like a good book, they make you smile when the world is trying to make cry.

a busy bee, that’s me!

Now, it has a nice ring, right? Busy me, doing odd jobs here and there, online or otherwise. I finished my last writing assignment and with God’s grace, I got paid. I was jubilant. More so because a cousin of mine arrived from Manila and we all celebrated over the weekend with mahjong, alcohol, yummy food and Videoke. A typical Sunday for my family. On Monday, we attended a seminar for a networking scheme. It was very promising. I was even tempted to join but I don’t have the money for the membership fee. My cousin was sorely disappointed. I told my mom and bestfriend about it  and maybe they can join instead of me.

What was unexpected was for me to see my ex-boyfriend’s sisters and nieces in the same seminar. They got me so nervous. I kept on looking over my shoulder, expecting my ex-boyfriend to arrive. It was both a relief and a disappointment when he didn’t. We have some unresolved issues that needed to be discussed face to face.

Anyhow, I received several job offers online and emailed them all back to show my interest. So far, I was able to snag two jobs. The first one was still article writing and the other one is being his virtual assistant. Becoming a V.A. was new to me. Today, my first task was to install wordpress into a website. Gad, with my wits scattered around me, I followed his instructions and I think, I installed it right. I hope so. I am tweedling my thumbs now, waiting for his email to tell me if I did it right.

As busy as I am, I found time to teach a couple who will have their wedding this Sunday at Xavier Estates Country Club. They both have not much knowledge in dancing so I taught them very simple steps which they can dance to their song, Something Stupid. What made the experience very rewarding for me was that they were able to have fun learning the steps and they looked very happy when dancing them. I can’t wait to watch them this Sunday. My dad and his band will be playing for them. The groom is from Mexico so a lot of Spanish were spoken. It was nice to hear them all talk in Spanish.

The bonus during the practice was Maxine. She was the 3-year old Rottweiller whom I fell in love with. She was huge and super-friendly. Affectionate and loving. If she could sit on my lap, she would but I’m pregnant and she’s really huge! I will upload her photo soon. She reminded me of Bruce, my ex-boyfriend’s dog. Except Bruce was much bigger and he was a real guard dog. Maxine is more of a house pet beause she’s fat and was too sweet.

Tomorrow, I will finally visit my doctor. My glucose test and all that. I have been having dreams that my baby is a boy. He/She is also very active now. It is now getting harder to sleep at night and i’m now having dizzy spells. Ugh. The last trimester. It all sounds so ominous now. Still slightly unreal in my mind. The First Boyfriend said I don’t need to look at any labor videos to prepare myself for the real thing. Good. I am scared of watching women giving birth.

With everything going on, I feel apprehensive of the future. I gave in to a bout of self-pity earlier and chided myself for being in a situation where I am totally unprepared. Then I had to take hold of my own rattled self and somehow look for strength to get through it all. I prayed to St. Raphael and St. Anthony to help me and so here I am, still scared but ready to face another day.