Music and me

I come from a very musical family. Musical in every sense of the word. Maybe, musical is not even the right term. My huge family is composed of musicians, singers, dancers, painters and actors. Artisitic would be more apt. My childhood was a mesh of piano lessons, guitar lessons, dancing and singing, acting and performing, painting, writing and even sewing.

Now that the festivities for the city fiesta has started, a music festival is where I was at.


SAMMAKA (Samahan ng mga Musikero at Mangaawit ng Kagayan) took the lead to put up the 1st Cagayan Music Festival. It is a five day event  that started on August 22 and will end on August 29, 2009. As a member, I attended the festival on select days only. Given my condition, my parents kept on worrying that me and the baby are not getting enough sleep and there’s also the unpredictable rainy weather.

Last August 22 was the Beatles Reminiscing Night at the Nazareth Covered Courts. All bands performing will be singing Beatles songs. My dad’s band Don Juan Rubato, were supposed to open the concert but did not get to sing anymore because it started later than 7pm as planned. We had to leave for Malberry Suites Business Hotel because they have a gig there on the same night. So I wasn’t able to watch that concert. The upside was my dad and his band still sang Beatles songs only in a another place. 🙂

The next night, August 22 was the Passion. My cousin’s band Opusaria will be performing so I was there again (same venue), helping out as much as I can. When the bands started to play, I moved to the audience area and watched them play. The concert was hosted by DJs from Killer Bee 89.3 FM radio station. The concert was opened by bands from Xavier University’s Soundtable. It’s a music organization and they had five bands performing that night. One particular band caught my eye though. They were called Skarotch. You got it right. They were into reggae and ska. The song they played that night was from Brownman Revival titled Under the Reggae Moon. My inner BMR groupie totally jumped in joy. I sorely miss BMR. Skaroach has potential to be a great band someday.

Opusaria’s performance was better than most but they encountered some technical problems before they started to sing. Still, it all turned out good. Opusaria performed No Touch, Hallow Years by Dream Theater and Born To Be Wild.

Last night, was the Oldies but Goldies Night at the Divisoria Kiosk. My dad hosted the earlier part of the free concert until I started to whine and complain that I was tired and sleepy. Plus, it rained. It started as a nice evening for some music in the park until the rain started to fall.

Tonight, my dad is there again, hosting the Battle of the Bands Night. I’m glad that it’s not raining now and hopefully until the contest finishes. I didn’t go with him anymore because I had to work this new online gig I got. I do need the money.

Tomorrow, August 27 and on Saturday, August 29 will be the Jazz, Jazz and Jazz slash Back to Back, Face to Face Night at Lantaw Cagayan, near Pryce Plaza Hotel. I don’t think I can watch although I sort of would like to since I have never been to Lantaw before and the DJ hosting the event is this really tall cute guy from Killer Bee. I forgot his name. He is cute. Kind of weird, I’m now into tall guys. Hihihi. I usually don’t give tall guys a thought because there’s a 70% chance they really don’t see my 4’10” self but ever since I keep on watching Smallville and Supernatural, my liking for tall guys have increased.

Still, enough of the tall guy talk. I doubt the giant even noticed me last Saturday (he was one of the DJ who hosted the Passion concert). I have to work and the weather is not really that conducive for travel, especially not for me. Sorry, tall and cute DJ. My eyes may have liked you for a night but for my sanity and health, I’m staying home.

Please don’t let the weather hinder you if you’re interested to watch the last two events for the 1st Cagayan Music Festival at Lantaw Cagayan. Believe me, a night of jazz music is something to celebrate. Happy fiesta, Kagay-anons!


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