Horsing around

I really planned to watch the horse show event where my stepsister’s daughter, Megan Fabello, will be competing. I didn’t go because I had to finish some work required by a new online writing gig I got. I heard that Megan was the youngest rider competing. She lost to a boy from Davao, though. Still, we were all so proud of her and her horse Wallet.


The event took place in Mountain Meadows in Gusa, CDO. I truly admire her because she held herself very well on a horse. I rode a pony and I got nervous.

Speaking of nerves, the other night, I was woke up in the middle of the night because of a scratching noise near my bedroom window. I have a small night lamp beside my bed but it didn’t help much for me to see what was the cause of the scratching noises. I didn’tget up from bed but shone a light on where the noise was coming from with my cellphone’s LCD light. When I placed the light on the direction of the window, the scratching stopped.

It got me into thinking that maybe it was a mouse. Since I’m scared of them and it was obviously scared of me, too, I closed my eyes and started to drift back to sleep. Only a few moments (or was it a minute?) passed when I heard the scratching again. Still coming from the same direction. I did what I have done earlier and shone my phone’s light on the same spot. The noises stopped.

I brushed it off as a fluke and once more, started to go to dreamland when the noises started again. I was then nervous and scared. What if it’s a witch, trying to get to me because she can smell the blood of my baby and I wasn’t wearing anything black to hide my baby. I made the sign of the cross and shone my phone’s light on the window. The scratching ceased. I was relieved but I don’t know if I could even go back to sleep again. It was 2am something. I closed my eyes but didn’t sleep. I prayed and prayed until I eventually fell into a dreamless slumber.

The next night, I asked my dad to put garlic cloves on my window. The noises didn’t return anymore.

I still have the garlic hanging from my window and yes, I will leave it there until I give birth.

3 thoughts on “Horsing around

  1. hahaha! Tiktik nga ba ang tawag sa mga ganun? yung humahaba ang dila papunta sa womb ng mother to get to the baby. Hindi naman siguro totoong me ganun. 🙂


  2. wow. scary story mom.
    and as silly as it sounds, i totally feel for you on this one. this happened to us as well when we had our first-born. and ya, they seem to have a preference for windows.
    needless to say, we slept with a jungle bolo that night.


  3. @Ferna I assure you, it’s real.
    @Duduy scary it was. I don’t know how long should I keep the garlic hanging though. maybe til I give my birth.


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