Finally, it rained…

My date with my cousin MJ was awesome! We went to SM with his brother and we helped him shop for pants and tshirts. After an hour and a half of walking, we had lunch at KFC (I call it kefs). We ate so much!!!

MJ and I proceeded to our aunt’s house in Xavier Heights after lunch. We watched TV with her and chatted gaily. She was living alone there now because her only daughter lives in Bukidnon with her husband.

Our visit ended with me bringing home a maternity dress, vanilla lip balm (tastes so yummy) and toys for Taz, my puppy. MJ got a pink bag and a lemon lip balm.

In the afternoon, we went to Cogon to go ukay-ukay! Yay! MJ got to buy 3 pairs of jeans for only 100 pesos! We went window shopping some more…there are so many things to see and so much stuff I wanted to buy! It sucks not to have money. I miss those days when I had a regular paycheck every 15th and end of the month.

We had snacks at a bakery and then went to Ororama to check out what I can get for my old Nokia 6280. The stalls were all uniform in pricing it only as worth 1,500php should I want to sell it to them. I wanted a trade in and after an hour, I was able to get a black Sony Ericsson K608i. It’s a secondhand phone and I had to add 200 pesos for it. Still, so far, so good. It is in good working condition but it doesn’t have any accessories like earphones and the USB cable. I need to buy those in the future. I gave it to my dad to replace the previous cheapo phone I gave him two years ago.

Soon, we left for dinner. While munching foodie at Maxi’s (a local hangout near our old home) with my parents and cousin, the rain finally made a grand entrance, complete with thunder and heavy downpour that went on for an hour or so. I twas so refreshing to hear! The smell of rain was sorely missed and the wind picked up my happy sighs and sent soothing waves of cool breezy air. I was so delighted. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day! I am so blessed. We all are.

Earlier, I did my laundry. I’m glad the sun is shiny and all that but I’m hoping that later, after I keep the dried newly washed clothes, the rain will come by again and make the world a cooler place.

I stumbled upon CDO Bloggers. I joined them. 🙂

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